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If you're looking for a more intense experience with the Master of Arts in TESOL, a well-rounded Bachelor of Arts in English with TESOL Certification, or a Bachelor of Arts in TESOL without state license, Murray State University's rapidly growing TESOL Program offers a variety of courses, in-depth instruction, and experiences that contribute directly to competencies in linguistics, language pedagogy, assessment, and culture.

The curriculum of the Murray State University Master of Arts Program in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) is based on guidelines developed by TESOL, an international professional organization, and on professional standards worldwide.

The MA in TESOL is the recognized teaching degree in English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction, a field that has shown phenomenal growth in recent years. This degree is regularly cited in position announcements for: community college and university teaching positions in pre-college English programs for international students, Industry positions in training programs for non-English speaking employees, positions to teach English in secondary schools and colleges all over the world.

The Murray State program collects information about internship and employment opportunities and makes it available to program participants. The credit-bearing internship experience required of all students at the end of the program can in many cases be an actual paid position in the United States or abroad.

The MA in TESOL is offered by the Department of English and Philosophy of the College of Humanities and Fine Arts. Doctorally-prepared faculty in linguistics, second-language teaching, and related fields serve as the program's instructors.

The MA in TESOL has two different modes for coursework:
The on-campus MA, which takes from 18 to 24 months to complete and allows for full-time or part-time study.

The online MA, (part-time study) from 24-36 months to complete. This track is designed ideally for teaching professionals and other persons with commitments that on campus courses difficult or impossible.

Murray State University also offers an ESL Endorsement for Kentucky teachers. Courses are offered on campus as well as online to allow an ESL endorsement to be added to a current KY public-school certificate.

Murray State University now offers two options for its Bachelor of Arts Degree: A BA in English with TESOL Certification and a BA in TESOL.

The BA in English with Teacher Certification program helps students develop the skills needed to succeed as teachers of English language to non-native speakers in the public school setting. The program works in conjunction with the College of Education to prepare students for certification as PreK-12 ESL (English as a second Language) teachers. The department offers the BA within the TESOL/P-12 ESL Certification Area.

The BA in TESOL is designed for students who plan to teach the English language to non-native speakers abroad. This program does not lead to a state teaching license, yet does provide students with in depth practical training and experience to prepare students for teaching English in an international setting.

For more information about the programs Murray State University offers, please visit our website by clicking here. You can apply online by clicking here.