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What makes Greensboro College's Master s in TESOL so unique?

- You need only 30 credit hours to complete the program. Other programs in North Carolina require more.

- Online or hybrid courses are offered during the fall and spring. You can take classes online during the academic year and then finish the degree in an intensive six-week summer session.

- The program can be completed on an accelerated track: Students begin their studies in summer 1, and finish in summer 2 -- just in time for the fall job market.

With a Master's in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from Greensboro College, you will be qualified to apply for full-time teaching positions in academies and universities abroad a requirement that cannot be met by simply obtaining a graduate certificate in TESOL. There are exciting, attractive jobs abroad with good salaries, paid travel expenses, subsidized housing, paid vacation and health insurance. Greensboro College can help get you there.

If you'd rather stay in the United States, this advanced degree allows you to teach in various settings, including community colleges, intensive English language programs, and social and religious institutions that seek teachers and program coordinators to assist people with limited English proficiency.

Learn more about Greensboro College's Master's degree in TESOL -

We'd love to talk with you about the program! Contact Greensboro College's TESOL Director, Michelle Plaisance, PhD, at 336-272-7102, ext. 5285, or email


As a recent graduate of the masters in TESOL program at GC, I can knowledgeably state that they offer an excellent program. The curriculum is rigorous and the professors are highly qualified. It is a demanding program with high expectations of excellence for students. The program is also small enough that you can establish a personal relationship with the faculty and staff, who are not only demanding but very supportive and very helpful. Tuition is reasonable and the costs were the best investment in my education I could have made. Put this program on your list for careful consideration.


I met so many great people and had the opportunity to change my life through earning my TESOL degree. The faculty members are very helpful and accommodating--they make you want to succeed. I've never been a part of such a diverse, hard working group of classmates. This is a great program which will enrich your life in so many ways!


Being part of this educational community has been a unique privilege for my professional and personal life . Having the opportunity to learn from experienced teachers, from students of other countries and having met new academic strategies is just one part of this valuable experience. The commitment by teachers and students� tenacity were also a reason to complete this academic goal in my life.


The courses in this program provide text and discussion that have challenged my perspectives and allowed for both personal and professional growth. Through online courses, I've experienced an awesome community of learners with diverse backgrounds led by professors who obviously care about this field of work. The professors are easily accessible and have a clear passion for seeing us succeed.


Whether you have a freshly minted bachelor degree or one with a few years of wear this flexible program provides the tools for you to succeed through small class sizes, and lots of individual attention from the dedicated professors and staff. If thinking about pursuing a TESOL career let this be your pride too.


The Greensboro College M.A. TESOL program was a great fit for me. Summer and online courses, approachable and supportive faculty, sharp colleagues from all over the world, small yet practical, professional, and challenging--and affordable...I would recommend the Greensboro College M.A. TESOL program to anyone who wants to advance as a TESOL professional.


I have learned so much in this TESOL program and met so many amazing people. The interaction with students from other countries and cultures has not only been great fun, it has been invaluable in terms of learning to become a better teacher. I have developed close friendships with other students, and the faculty is so very accessible. This program is highly respected in this area and community, and many of us students are working locally while in the program. Time spent in class during the summer (s) is educationally challenging, as well as professionally and personally rewarding. Interacting with professors and other students has provided a "real" education.