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Educating Teachers of English, Indigenous Languages, and World Languages.

The Language Teaching Studies (LTS) Masters of Arts Program (formerly Language Teaching Specialization) in the Department of Linguistics is a 15-month intensive graduate degree that provides an excellent theoretical and practical professional foundation for future leaders in language teaching. Our first summer term is fully online, while the remaining 12 months are on-campus at the University of Oregon.

LTS graduate students can specialize in teaching one or more languages in the program. Alumni include English language teachers as well as teachers of other world and indigenous languages such as Japanese, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Arabic, several Native American languages of the Northwest, and others. for the second, foreign language teacher. Students may specialize in English teaching (S/EFL) and/or the teaching of other languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, Spanish, Persian, etc.) in collaboration with other language departments, e.g. East Asian Languages & Literature, Romance Languages, the Northwest Indian Languages Institute, and the World Languages Academy.

One of the primary goals of the program is to prepare leaders in international education and language teaching, with a focus on using technology in teaching, proficiency-based testing, and the adaptation of research-based principles and methods to fit a variety of language learning situations. Students research and create a substantial final applied portfolio project designed for a real teaching context. See our LTS blog for profiles on our students, faculty, and alumni:

An undergraduate/postgraduate Second Language Acquisition and Teaching (SLAT) certificate is also available.