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Costa Mesa, CA 92626
United States of America


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Saddleback Educational Publishing, Inc. was established in 1985 as a distributor of educational books, media and software through direct mail catalogs. Saddleback offers thousands of High Interest Curriculum Materials for grades K to 12, adult, ESL and at-risk students. Our broad selection includes award-winning paperback books, reproducibles, read-alongs, videos, textbooks, workbooks, software and more. In addition to distribution, Saddleback now publishes its own product line with consistent fall and spring publication schedules.

Saddleback's collection of materials in our High Interest catalogs is designed for students of all ages with poor reading and/or learning skills. Our goal is to provide the finest quality curriculum materials to educators. Our hope is that students can read the materials presented at a low enough instructional level, so that more valuable time can be spent teaching content. Hopefully, this then results in the improvement of a student's reading comprehension ability and general learning level.

Looking towards 2007 with more growth and expansion, Saddleback will continue to serve schools, educators and educational facilities all over the world.