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*KNOWLEDGE CREATION. The TWU MATESOL programs are built upon a unique, problem-based graduate instructional model of students and faculty working together, critically examining ideas, theories, methods and techniques in TESOL--not the traditional-lecture based approach!

*COLLABORATION. Each course centers around a set of highly interactive, task-based research projects. Working in teams, students and faculty research and report regularly to the cohort on their findings.

*TECHNOLOGY. The use of cutting-edge, web-based technology is integrated in the delivery, content, and process of both the online and resident programs.

THE ONLINE TWU MA TESOL is a 36 credit, 2.5 to 3 year program that has been designed to meet a variety of needs and specializations. The first summer of study, students come to campus for a three-week intensive face-to-face session. Throughout the rest of the program, students work through three-week modules that are mediated by a combination of teaching methods, which may include online discussions, reading, video, collaborative project work, and face-to-face meetings with each other and instructors.

THE RESIDENT TWU MA TESOL is a 36-credit, 12 to 16-academic-month program, beginning in September, in a face-to-face collaborative learning environment. All classes are conducted on campus. Typically, students are involved in program activities six to eight hours a day. The resident track is a good fit for Canadian or international students seeking to further their professional development through focused, intensive studies.

-Are well prepared to teach and lead in multiple instructional contexts
-Possess the critical skills necessary for applying contemporary language teaching research and methods
-Develop strong professional speaking and writing style
-Are professionally connected to the discipline of English Language Teaching.

The TWU MA TESOL program is TESL Canada Level 3 certified and is an official BCTEAL institutional member.

THE TESOL CERTIFICATE is a highly regarded, 26-credit, comprehensive. under-graduate, university-accredited program that provides a solid foundation for teaching English in our multilingual, multicultural world. There are also two additional 10 credit certificates offered, one on teaching fundamentals and a second on basics of tutoring in TESOL.